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In terms of our core business, the Etisoft brand is recognizable on the market and strongly associate. We wante to show widely that Etisoft means more today. It’s not just labels anymore. The marketing activities I mentione earlier, undertaken by us over the last year, allowe Etisoft to appear in the minds of our customers also as a supplier of systems supporting production and logistics automation. We are proud of how successfully we, as a new player, manage to enter the market of solutions for Industry 4.0. We observe an increase in interest in our solutions among foreign customers.

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Which proves the maturity of the products we offer. It also confirms that the chosen direction of development was and is right. The fact that phone number list we are not only a distributor, but above all a designer, manufacturer and supplier has been notice and appreciate. We recommend Strategy milestone: Etisoft’s new website Etisoft means more Our AGV mobile robots have been awarde in the “Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport, Production 2020” competition, organize by the “Eurologistic” publishing house.

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What’s more – we manage to become one of the largest suppliers of mobile robots. We have been invite to participate in the report “Industrial Robots 2021-2022”, publishe by the Control Engineering bimonthly. There were many successes last WS Numbers year. However, we are not resting on our laurels. We are already working on new solutions in the field of Industry 4.0 – this time deicate to very demanding areas – cold stores and freezers. Considering what we have achieve so far and what we have planne, we are on the right track to become a permanent part of Industry 4.0. We do everything we can to achieve this every day.

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