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Yet they lack features to improve work habits and effectively engage and motivate employees to participate. It’s not easy for IT teams to create a SharePoint site that both management and employees enjoy using. Customizing, deploying, and managing SharePoint intranets at scale with many site collections can quickly become overwhelming. As a result, users find the interface too complex and impersonal. So it’s not surprising that 40% of companies report that their SharePoint implementation was not a success (AIIM). What does a successful intranet look like.

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Technologies such as SharePoint Online provide a solid technological framework to lay the foundations for an intranet. But beyond the basics, how can you create a more modern and effective intranet? And what does that look like exactly? A modern intranet-in-a-box meets the requirements for internal communication and access to phone number list documents. On a global level, however, it should serve as a first step towards a centralized global user interface for employees. Also, it should solve challenges of each department: Helping employees be more productive – by digitizing processes like onboarding new employees and making it easier to access information Helping the communications department to disseminate information.

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Avoiding information overload and improving knowledge sharing through multiple formats, targeted and multilingual intranet content WS Numbers Helping HR build a strong culture – bringing employees closer together through social interaction and collaboration Helping management to drive employee engagement – ​​embed everyone from the field to the office in the user interface Helping IT teams build and maintain a secure environment Help everyone to be able to work remotely – for example via hot desking How can a third-party SharePoint intranet solution help with this? Third-party SharePoint intranet solutions can help fill the gaps in SharePoint.

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