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 What are their reactions? Their point of view? Or a request to share the content… You thus create engagement. Increase your visibility and increase interactions with your users. 12) interact with the community be careful. Your users express themselves on the internet. You should never neglect what they have to say. For what ? Because they probably see possible areas for improvement. They have requests that you had not previously taken into account and then they probably have ideas that you do not have. Your community must become your first source of feedback in your social media strategy. What types of content do my users prefer to see? What images appeal to them the most? What subjects make them react? By listening to them.

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Noting their comments and their requests. You will be able to improve Cambodia Phone Number List your online strategy and thereby improve your overall strategy . A good example here with xbox which listens to its community and receives very good feedback: community-manager-xbox-communaute.Png 13) use the hashtag wisely using the hashtag hashtags are real trend indicators for any community manager. Using them wisely means knowing when to take advantage of a trend and when to appropriate the right hashtag at the right time.  Use them as filters to find conversations where you are being talked about and those where you aren’t . Use hashtags in your posts. But don’t overuse them! Favor those that are relevant and will give you visibility.

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A retweet: be sure to ask a question that calls for an answer

A hashtag that creates engagement is a hashtag that can be taken up by the Lebanon Phone Number List community and made the rounds on social networks while still referring to you ( boomerang effect ). To find the right hashtags there are dedicated sites which will tell you their popularity rate . Our favorite tools for finding the right hashtag ritetag: a tool that will allow you to identify hashtags. The solution sifts through more than 10 million hashtags in order to create a ranking of the most prominent on a particular theme. It also advises the best times to use a hashtag. Additional hashtags. Etc… In short. A must-have! Community-manager-rite-tag.Png hashtagify.

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