The last little tip will concern the creation of visuals for your social networks

To a comment on facebook. A request for information onlinkedin. You must be responsive to satisfy your community; and curious to adapt to all the changes and renewals of the available tools. Patience : customer relations. Whether virtual or physical. Require patience. This is a magnificentexample of bouygueswho reacts calmly to a tweeter. Transparency : no need to cheat. You will be unmasked and no need to deny. The evidence is easily found. Avoid bad buzz. Be honest. You will only create positive things. Creativity and strength of proposal : set up quizzes. React to current events with images. Montages.

If you don’t master photoshop or illustrator

Be creative! It also requires having some (good) ideas Cayman Islands Phone Number List and the tools necessary to realize them. Concrete example with the game set up by carambar on twitter which for more than 2 months brought together an entire community which played to find the identity of an editor and win a trip to pointe-à-pitre: community-manager-game-carambar.Png now that you know the trends to follow. All you need to do is know the tools suitable for all social networks to save time . Improve the quality of your content or even optimize the results of your performances . 15) community manager tools in order to better manage the social networks used. On a single platform . We recommend one of its 3 tools: hootsuite. Buffer or our favorite.Crowdfire (screenshot below).

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Crowdfire app you can use it to manage multiple accounts: twitter

 Don’t panic. These tools will Malaysia Phone Number List change your life: can go : ideal for creating visuals sized to suit each media adobe spark : ideal for creating visuals and posting directly on the network you have all the keys in hand to manage your community. To be present at the right time. In the right place. With the right tools. Now it’s up to you! Integrate social networks into your inbound strategy featured image for the article william troillard 1) story-telling based on the ephemeral and the exclusive 2) live and immersive content3) rely on whatsapp for customer service4) set up a chatbot5) switch to “instant articles”6) always balance curation and content creation7) put video at the center of your device8) humans first!9) mobility.

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