Above all a person who speaks like them

 Who understands them! Creating a relationship with your community involves being human. It’s about creating a relationship not only with the brand but also with its virtual human representation. This is a fundamental practice of the community manager. As evidenced by this exchange. Community-manager-ebay.Png you can inform. Educate. Make people laugh. Even make jokes. Speak in the first person singular. Be a real virtual salesperson… It all depends on your audience and the style your business should embody . In any case. Do not try to sell your product or service. Provide advice and provide added value. Think of the internet user who will always ask themselves: “what’s in it for me? “. In a word. Try to be interesting. Before being interested .

Don’t hesitate to use emojis as well 

Which attract the attention of subscribers and their engagement.92% of online people Bulgaria Phone Number List use emojisin their conversation.  They mainly connect from their mobile to take a break. To wait when they take the metro or are in a waiting room. In traffic jams. Or even during their lunch break. These are these famous “bore moments” or “kills boredom”… They have the habit – one could even say reflex – of taking out their mobile and checking social media. You must therefore absolutely adapt content to mobile formats to encourage them to consult your page at any time. Community-manager-buzzfeed-mobilite.Jpg basic principles : photos must be displayed on smartphones .

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Therefore with an optimized weight for loading

Videos must be hosted on platforms that support mobile (in addition to streaming). Texts must Latvia Phone Number List be readable on small screens . 10) always give some power to your ambassadors there is nothing more sacred as a customer than an ambassador. Creating a community takes a lot of time and work. When your customers are the ones talking about you. A real social media booster is set up . How ? By empowering your community. By selecting the most active of your engaged leads. Among your followers. Determine those who interact with you the most and offer them opportunities to participate behind the scenes of your company. In a spirit of co-creation: ask for their opinions on the design of your future site / app.

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