Know which items affect the value of the property

It is very important that a real estate agent knows what characteristics influence the value of the property. Know which items affect Based on this information, the professional can better argue during the negotiation and show the client the reasons why purchasing the property represents a good investment. With this in mind, in this post we have gathered six elements that contribute to the appreciation of a property. Continue reading to find out what they are! 1. Location One of the main points that influence the price of a property is the neighborhood in which it is located.

It’s easy to understand this when we think

A house in an upscale neighborhood is more expensive than one located in an area with popular properties. But not only that. If the neighborhood is growing, if there are Germany Phone Number Data shopping malls, pharmacies, schools and gyms in the area and if the location is safe, the property may also be worth more. It is also worth mentioning the view as a point that interferes with appreciation. An apartment facing the sea, for example, is worth more than one with windows overlooking other buildings. 2. Number of rooms The size of the property also affects its value.

One of the key points in determining the price is precisely the number of rooms available.

If there are two apartments for sale in the same building and one of them has an extra bedroom, it is natural that its price will be higher. Furthermore, suites tend to contribute France Phone Number List to the increase in the price of the property. Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies. A complete tool for you to sell more! 3. Garage If the house or apartment has a garage, it is valued. The price is even higher when there is space for two, three or more cars. The quality of the vacancy can also affect the value. An easy parking space, with good coverage and structure, for example, is more sought after, therefore, it increases the value of the property.

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