Download various document and contract templates for real estate agents

In order to make the work of real estate agents easier. We decided to make the main document and contract models used in the real estate industry available for download. All models have a brief excerpt of their content. To facilitate identification of their content. Download various Check out the list below: Property Purchase and […]

Necessary care to guarantee the realtor’s commission

Despite being a regulated profession with duly establishe commission percentages. Cases in which real estate agents encounter problems relate to payment for the services offere are common. Owners who wish to pay a lower value than the establishe amount or buyers who are looking for ways to make the transition while. Avoiding paying the realtor’s […]

The great growth of the real estate sector on the internet

The internet is gaining more and more importance in the real estate marke. Which sees more and more buyers every day using online resources to search for properties and quality information about the sector. Real estate companies and real estate agents have therefore been investing in digital marketing strategies. As a way to attract new […]

learn how to use your smartphone to your advantage

Do you already take advantage of smartphone features for your work, real estate agent? Much more than checking emails and exchanging messages with family members. learn how to These small devices help promote your properties, strengthen your name on the internet and also improve the service provided to potential buyers. In other words, they offer […]

Make sure the FGTS is used to your advantage

The Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) is a benefit for Brazilian workers hire under CLT rules, rural workers, casual workers, temporary workers, professional athletes and non-employe directors. Among the situations. Which money can be withdrawn from the fund are dismissal for just cause and the purchase of your own property. Many people in Brazil buy […]

Why learn to decipher property purchase and sale contracts?

If you want to hit goals, you need to sell, right? Why learn to decipher But, more than techniques. It is necessary to acquire knowledge about everything that involves the real estate sector. Following the news, understanding negotiation, prospecting clients and ensuring they have all the information necessary to close a contract. However, the essentials […]