Brazilian women in the real estate market

Did you know that the female audience represents more than half of the Brazilian population? There are more than 104 million women in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), and 43% of them are active in the job market. In what professions? Almost everything you can imagine: in the areas of construction, law, education, security and politics, for example. Of course, the real estate market is not left out – many women work in this segment. Find out, in this post, how women starte working as real estate agents and discover some of the reasons why they are also excellent professionals in the field.

A little about the history of women in the real estate market

Did you know that until recently there was an article in the Brazilian Commercial Code that said women could not act as real estate agents? It was article 37, which was amende in France Phone Number Data March 1958, by decision of the Court of Justice. It was only from that year onwards that women were able to start practicing the profession in Brazil – an interesting fact, especially when we know that nowadays more than 33% of brokers in the market are female (according to data release by Cofeci- I grew up). Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies.

A complete tool for you to sell more!

Why Women Can Be Excellent Real Estate Agents Some common characteristics in women are very welcome in the real estate market . The tendency to be naturally detaile, for example, can be of great help when showing a property to a client, standing out when showing the differences of a house Estonia Phone Number List or even offering suggestions for renovations or decoration. Sensitivity, common among women, also contributes to better customer service. This is an important quality when understanding what the potential buyer’s needs are. Furthermore, the ability to communicate.

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