Trends for the 2nd half of 2018

Be it those who got married and want to put a down payment on their own home. those who decided to leave their parents’ house. those who can no longer live on rent, those who decide to move to another city. there are many profiles of people who want to purchase a property. But with the economic crisis that Brazil is going through. There is a strong doubt about the time to do this. Many lose sleep just imagining the possibility of buying new apartments and not being able to pay for them due to being fired from their job, for example. Stay calm. The situation for the second semester is much better than it seems.

According to the Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry (CBIC)

This year promises great surprises for those who want to embark on this endeavor. Sales of residential properties in Brazil in 2018 are expected to Belgium Phone Number Data increase approximately 10% compared to last year. We list below some of the factors that should most influence this trend. Caixa Econômica demonstrates optimism Banking institutions are optimistic for the next semester. To give you an idea, Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), an institution that accounts for almost 70% of transactions for purchasing a home in Brazil. Bnnounced that in 2017 its housing credit portfolio closed with an incredible balance of R$432 billion , an increase of 6.3% in the loan volume index compared to what was done in 2016.

The budget reserved for 2018 remained at the same index as 2017

Selic rate will remain at a low level Recently the newspapers reported another consecutive drop in the Selic rate. Which reached the lowest rate (6.5% per year) since its Belgium Phone Number Data creation in 1999. In Dilma Rousseff’s first term. A gradual increase in the rate began, reaching more than 14%. Taking into account that a low Selic represents lower expenses in economic activities. This means that we are at a favorable time for long-term investments, such as purchasing new apartments. According to estimates from economic and business consultancies. The Selic rate should remain at this same level until the end of 2018 . Which will further heat up the real estate market.

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