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Still a long time until the company Christmas party? Book your date today – everyone will be eagerly waiting for the company Christmas Eve in the mountains! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Vegetarian Christmas Eve menu for companies Polish Christmas Eve is characterize by traditional meat-free dishes, so there will be no problem with matching the menu for vegetarians. However, it should be remembere that some vegetarians also do not eat fish, which is the main ingreient of the Christmas Eve menu.

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For such people, prepare mushroom soup, borscht or dumplings that will surely satisfy your employees. Another situation is in the case of vegans who avoid milk and eggs, all ingreients derive from animals. Prepare for them cabbage with mushrooms Latest Mailing Database serve separately. It’s a warm, filling dish in itself. You can surprise the most picky team members and prepare vegan bigos. Masters make it so that it tastes just like meat, including the characteristic crunchiness, for which nuts are responsible here. Serve also a pate made of beans or chickpeas and mushrooms.

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Which will surprise even game lovers with its taste. We recommend Are conference facilities in the mountains a good place for a company meeting? Dietary Christmas menu for companies Most Christmas Eve dishes are low in calories, so WS Numbers you don’t have to worry too much about this issue. However, if your company operates in the wellness or health industry, it is appropriate that no fatty dishes or sweets be serve on Christmas Eve. It is worth focusing on unusual dietary dishes that will harmonize with the vision of your company. Diet dumplings with the addition of rye dough, borscht or carp will be perfect for a Christmas Eve menu for companies.

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