You can earn RM 800 for one article

I believe that fans who have been following “” know that we held a call for submissions called “Online Writer PK Competition” earlier.

Do you think this event is over? No, no, we are now open for application again, offering all the writers to compete for a prize of RM 800!

What is the online writer PK competition?

It’s easy, just fill out the form, write an article according to the specified article type, and submit it to us!

If your single article gets the highest Tunisia Phone Number List number of views within 7 days and exceeds 20,000 views, you will be eligible for our RM 800 bonus!

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Is it attractive? Is it exciting? Every article you write has the chance to win a prize of RM 800! And we don’t limit the number of submissions. The more submissions you make, the higher your chance of winning!

No age limit, no education limit, no Argentina Phone Number List gender limit, and no occupation limit! As long as you are interested in writing, please click the registration link below and submit your article!

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