Trends for the real estate sector in 2016

The year 2016, as was the case in 2015, will be a period of great challenges for real estate agents and the real estate sector in general. The trends are that the economic crisis will continue, that credit will be restricte and that interest rates will remain high for some time. Still, as in every time of crisis, there are opportunities, which require a watchful eye from the broker to capture them. Check out some trends for the real estate sector in 2016 below.Good year for the buyerIn 2015, property prices fell in real terms compared to inflation. The expectation is that this decline will continue in 2016. The FipeZap bulletin – which assesses the Brazilian real estate market scenario.

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It is true that real estate credit is expected to be more restrictive in the coming year, due to high interest rates. Therefore, conditions will be favorable Qatar Phone Number Data for anyone who can make a good down payment to reduce the value of the financing.Long term investmentFor those thinking about buying property to invest in, 2016 also presents opportunities. After all, the buyer can use the famous maxim “buy low to sell high”. The caution, however, is that this time it may be necessary to wait longer until there is a new appreciation of properties in the country. In any case, as the economy is cyclical, long-term investors can see some benefits in the real estate sector, such as the possibility of having a good profit margin in the future.

Possible resumption in the second semester

Although the trends for 2016 may not be so good, the real estate market still dreams of a possible recovery in the second half of the year, if the economy shows signs of growth in the first six months of the year. After all, with the guarantee of Russia Phone Number List employment and the increase in the population’s level of confidence in the country’s direction, consumers feel more encouraged to take out long-term financing. The release by the federal government of the “Minha Casa, Minha Vida 3” rules in December 2015 also gives new impetus to the civil construction sector in the country. If the “lean” period continues in 2016, real estate agents will have to qualify even more to ensure good deals. Professionalization, use of new technologies and determination are some.

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