There are many milk tea streets in Malaysia

In recent years, Malaysia has been swept by the milk tea trend, not only in the Klang Valley, but also in many states where milk tea streets have appeared one after another.

Let’s take a look with the editor today, where in Malaysia is fastest to become a milk tea town?



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Not only in West Malaysia, the milk tea trend is also quietly blowing in Kuching, East Malaysia. As a relatively new commercial Honduras Phone Number List area, Saradise gathers many young people, and more and more milk tea shops are emerging, starting to develop into a milk tea district.

Oriental Tea
Fengcha Tea Love Flower Fengcha
Royal Tea
Macao Imperial Tea
Fruits from Hanada
Tea House CHATTO
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It has been a gathering place


7. Setapak PV 128 Setapak Commercial District

There are many college Bulgaria Phone Number List students near Setapak, and  for milk tea for a long time. Every name makes me drool.

The Black Whale
Shifen Station (Setapak)
Xing Fu Tang
The Alley
Tea House Chatto
Gong Cha

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