The Original Area Codes Established


Novato Primarily Uses Two Area Codes:

History Of 415 Area Code

The 415 Area Code Is One Of  In 1947 As Part UAE Phone Number Of The North American Numbering Plan. Initially, It Covered A Vast Region, Including San Francisco And Much Of Northern California. However, As The Population Grew And Demand For Telephone Numbers Increased. The 415 Area Code Was Split Multiple Times. Today, It Primarily Serves San Francisco. Marin County (Including Novato). And A Small Portion Of San Mateo County.

 Introduction Of Area Code

To Address The Growing Demand For New Telephone Numbers In The Region, The 628 Area Code Was Introduced As An Overlay For The 415 Area In 2015. An Overlay Means That Both Area Codes Serve The Same Geographic Region, Allowing For A Greater Supply Of Phone Numbers Without Changing Existing Ones. This Was A Crucial Step To Ensure That Businesses And Afghanistan Phone Number List Residents Could Continue To Obtain New Telephone Numbers Without Disrupting Existing Services.


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