The great growth of the real estate sector on the internet

The internet is gaining more and more importance in the real estate marke. Which sees more and more buyers every day using online resources to search for properties and quality information about the sector. Real estate companies and real estate agents have therefore been investing in digital marketing strategies. As a way to attract new customers and improve the image of their brands. To this end, some factors are important: positioning in search systems, the degree of relationship on social networks and digital branding work.

Understand more about the growth of the real

Consumers prefer to search online. The internet is nowadays the main source of information for those who want to buy a property. According to the website Fórum da Construção , around 88% of residential property buyers use the internet to carry New Zealand Phone Number Data out their searches. Advertisements and newspapers came to second place in this ranking. Followed by real estate agencies and real estate brokers. For these buyers, real estate websites are the most used to search for information (57% of respondents), followed by websites relate to the market and construction company pages.

Digital means enable more assertive results

It is common for property advertisers to replicate the ad formats in newspaper classifieds on the internet. Being present online requires, however, specific strategies . Aimed at each of the different formats in which it is presente (real estate Mexico Phone Number List website, social networks, blogs, etc. Understanding these differences and developing strategies that meet the public’s needs means helping with consumer research. Enabling them to obtain increasingly assertive results. The search for properties on the internet is carrie out in an increasingly specific way, being able to rely on information that was not available to the buyer in the past , such as photos and videos . Whether through sponsored links or an institutional website.

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