The 7 most regrettable things

A  in college life, there is always one that speaks to your heart! Those who are still studying should seize the opportunity!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Although four years of college sounds like a long time (some people even spend more than four years), the amazing thing is that when you look back now, it seems like these four years just flew by! When it comes to your college days, do you still remember what regrets you had? At least one of the following seven regrets will definitely touch your heart!

 Not having the courage to choose a major

Design? Communication? Psychology? NONONO! None of these have a “money” future like doctors, lawyers, and accountants. Looking at the pile of books to read, the thought of changing majors flashed through my mind at least a hundred times. But in the end, I still went back to study obediently…


2. Not enriching yourself

During the four years of college, the time I wasn’t studying seemed to be spent watching TV series, playing games, sleeping in, and using my phone. After Ukraine Phone Number List graduation, others found good jobs based on their abilities, and I regretted why I didn’t work harder! !

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3. Never said “I like you” to the person you have a crush on

I have kept this sentence in my heart for so many years Bolivia Phone Number List  Now that I have graduated for many years, I often can’t help thinking: If I had not been so timid at that time and really confessed to him, if I succeeded, wouldn’t I have lost a lot now? ! !





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