Tecimob has everything a real estate software needs to have

Today, every real estate agent knows that to be competitive. You need to have a strong online presence – and you also know that for this you need to have mechanisms that help you create differences with your target audience. You ever stoppe to think about what real estate software should have to be considered truly efficient. What tools define the excellence of a website in this area? Because a great sector analyst, an authority on the subject, thought and listed all these qualities. There was no surprise: they are all presente base on what Tecimob offers in its products.

Brokers are joining the Tecimob platform

Which accompanies all stages of your professional growth, from the beginning, where you can count on a free version for an indefinite period, for up to 10 registere properties, and also paid versions with increasing resources, which can cover Laos Phone Number Data several real estate agents. But what adds the most value to Tecimob is that all the items mentione  VivaReal are present in all products on the platform, whatever your choice. What really makes a difference According to research carrie out  VivaReal, 62% of brokers use some type of automate management of their contacts and 21% do not yet have it, but intend to hire it. That’s why choosing the right software is so important. It can make all the difference between you gaining prominence in the market or disappearing among so many others on the network.

Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies

A complete tool for you to sell more! Integration with major real estate websites Imagine that every time a new property arrives you have to register Iran Phone Number List it on each listing portal. It’s a lot of waste time that you could be using on anything else, such as advertising, capturing leads, relationships and customer service, isn’t it?.  Why integration with the main real estate listing sites is so important: you register once and it is automatically updated on the main portals. Space for varie information Ideal software should provide at least a thousand characters for information about each property. It is also important that all this information is well organize, in fields with the main characteristics: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, services (24-hour security, laundry, pet place, home office, concierge, shop) and leisure area (swimming pool, sauna, ballroom, spa, gym).

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