Retirement for real estate agents

.Retirement can bring certain uncertainties when you are a self-employed professional. A group that obviously includes real estate agents. If it is already difficult for an employed person to put together a good retirement plan, imagine for a professional who goes through so much uncertainty at work. After all, these professionals need to pursue their monthly remuneration. Knowing that it may vary depending on property sales made during the month. In addition to being difficult to know how much the real estate agent will receive as a monthly retirement amount, on many occasions it is also impossible to determine when he will be able to end his career and enter retirement. Retirement plan: how to do it Good planning requires knowledge about your career, that is, the need to know how many years you will need to work until retirement arrives

Although the real estate agent does not have a pre-stipulated monthly salary

Let’s think about the following: the professional made a sale of 12 thousand reais in a given month and spent the other two without selling anything. Therefore, the average is 4 thousand reais per month (12000 thousand/3 months). Of these 4 thousand monthly, the ideal is for the professional to save a small portion in savings or invest in an India Mobile Number Data investment fund. Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies. A complete tool for you to sell more! Working time varies according to the professional and their preferences. For example: there are people who prefer to work longer now to lead a calmer life in the future, but there are also people who choose a less hectic routine now in exchange for a better quality of life in the present.

Something that needs to be considered is persistence and discipline

It is common to find independent professionals who are excited about. The idea of ​​planning for the future and start saving for a few months. However, they end up giving up shortly afterwards. This attitude is not convenient as you need to be Hong Kong Phone Number List persistent and disciplined to the point of depositing or investing a considerable amount every month. Think about the following: to avoid giving up so easily as soon as you receive a commission amount, separate a portion and place it immediately in the retirement fund, so that you will be unable to touch this amount. You’re probably wondering what to do in case of an emergency, whether or not you should use the amount invested or saved so far. The most coherent answer would be to keep a reserve of money in case of need.

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