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When dealing with phone numbers from different countries, it’s important to understand their formats to ensure proper handling of data. In China Phone Number Database , phone numbers follow a specific structure that includes country and area codes. This article will explain the phone number format in China, enabling you to handle Chinese phone numbers accurately.

Country Code

The country code is a numeric prefix that represents the country Phone Number Database¬†¬† For China, the country code is “+86”. When dialing a Chinese phone number from outside China, you should include this country code at the beginning.

Area Code

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China is a large country with multiple provinces, each having its own area code. The area code helps identify the specific region to which a phone number belongs. The area code consists of three digits and is dialed after the country code when calling. Some major area codes in China include “010” for Beijing, “021” for Shanghai, and “0755” for Shenzhen.

Local Number

The local number is the main part of a Chinese phone number and follows the area code. It typically consists of eight digits, although there can be variations in WS Numbers certain regions. The local number uniquely identifies an individual phone line within the designated area.


To better understand the phone number format, let’s consider an example. Suppose we have a Chinese phone number, “010-12345678”. Here, “010” is the area code for Beijing, and “12345678” is the local number. When dialing this number within China, you would simply dial “01012345678”. However, if you were calling from outside China, you would need to include the country code, resulting in “+861012345678”.


Understanding the phone number format in China is essential for accurate handling and processing of Chinese phone numbers. The format includes the country code, area code, and local number, each serving a distinct purpose. Whether you’re dealing with landline or mobile phone numbers, being aware of these conventions will ensure proper communication and data management. Remember to include the country code when calling a Chinese phone number from outside China, and follow the designated format for domestic calls.

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