Necessary care to guarantee the realtor’s commission

Despite being a regulated profession with duly establishe commission percentages. Cases in which real estate agents encounter problems relate to payment for the services offere are common. Owners who wish to pay a lower value than the establishe amount or buyers who are looking for ways to make the transition while. Avoiding paying the realtor’s commission are not rare cases in the real estate market. Therefore, the real estate agent must be aware of the legal mechanisms that guarantee the receipt of the commission for their services.

The brokerage commission is provided for in the Brazilian Civil Code

In articles 722 and 729, and some precautions are important. So that the broker can use the courts to receive it. Check out: Negotiation Philippines Phone Number Data documentation Real estate agents currently use various means of communication to provide their services: email, messages on the WhatsApp application, calls, etc. All evidence is admitte before the courts, so it is important that the broker maintains organized documentation of the negotiation stages. Proposals made by telephone must be documented in text form. Highlighting the name of the person interested in the property, its location, the date of the visit and the value established for the purchase.

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A complete tool for you to sell more! CRECI entry book. The entry book at CRECI – Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers. Must be filled out Philippine Phone Number List at the entrance in cases of apartment brokerage. This documents the visits made to the property. Indicating the date and name of the visitors. It is important for the real estate agent to be aware of cases in which the person. Who will pay for the property is not the same person carrying out the visit. And to indicate this information in the proposal, in order to avoid cases in which the purchase is completed later.

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