Mobile Game User Acquisition Guide: How to Attract Whales to Take the Bait

Retaining high-value users is a shared responsibility between game designers and marketers. Of course games must have entertainment value to sustain user interest, but can marketers also play a supporting role?

At this time, how to grasp user information and insights is the key. Marketers can analyze user behavior and behavioral changes (such as daily active users, monthly active users, etc.) and recommend design adjustments to make the game more engaging.

In addition to entertaining users of games, marketers must also regularly interact with players through game apps. Interaction methods include in-app notifications, push notifications and other personalized messages.

How to retain high value users

Even the most loyal players will have times when they America Cell Phone Number List need reminders to check their game progress, and exclusive personalized notifications allow game developers to achieve the purpose of reminders in a natural and unobtrusive way.

Marketers must keep one principle in mind: “acquiring” whales and “retaining” whales are equally important; sometimes the latter is even more important than the former. After all, only by retaining high-value users of the game app can its lifetime value be realized.

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Market Insights Overview 

Appier’s internal team has conducted experiments comparing manual methods with those using machine learning and deep learning, and found that deep learning can provide more sophisticated methods of predicting and acquiring high-value users.

Appier’s AI-driven user acquisition solution, AIBID, uses Greece Phone Number List deep learning technology to find your most valuable gamers. AIBID uses deep learning technology to process more than 1 million high-value user attributes, and uses multi-processing learning technology to find users who can help you achieve your business goals.

If your advertising goal is to drive purchases, AIBID can help you identify users who are most likely to make a purchase. If your goal is to sign up or subscribe, AIBID can help you achieve that, too.

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