Is demanding exclusivity from the owner a good way?

The exclusivity clause is present in 91% of contracts between clients and real estate agencies or real estate brokers in the United States. In Brazil, this percentage is only 64%, and many brokers still question whether demanding exclusivity from the owner is a good strategy. It corresponds to a clause in the brokerage contract, according to which the selling client hires the broker exclusively to provide services. This does not mean that only this broker will be responsible for the sale of the property in question, given that partnerships between brokers and real estate agencies are common in this market, but rather that this broker is responsible for the sale, ensuring a personalized and safe provision of services. Understand more about exclusivity in real estate business.

Exclusivity in real estate business

The exclusivity clause in brokerage contracts is based on Law no. 6,530/78 of the Professional Code of Ethics, the COCEFI Resolutions, and the Korea Phone Number Data Brazilian Civil Code of 2002. This, in its article 726, provides for the institute of exclusivity as a way of guaranteeing legal security in real estate negotiations. The Code of Professional Ethics, Resolution-COCEFI nÂș 326/92 highlights the importance of the real estate agent ensuring his exclusive competence in guiding negotiations. Broker: why exclusivity is important Exclusivity over the sale of a property guarantees the real estate agent legal security and the financial viability of the work, since to carry out his role.

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To sell more! It is more difficult to sell a property exclusively Some property owners are concerned that securing the exclusive sale of their property to a single agent may make it more difficult. This concern does not consider the already mentioned India Phone Number List partnership between brokers and real estate agencies: the fact of having an exclusive broker does not mean, nor does it prevent, others from participating in the sale. For owners, exclusivity guarantees the existence of a competent and responsible broker working on the sale of the property, so that it does not run the risk of suffering devaluation due to the variety of prices, for example. It is, moreover, a form of security regarding visits, ensuring that they are carried out responsibly by a trusted broker.

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