Integrated Into The User Journey For Example

In order to promote the acceptance of the intranet by employees, the intranet should enable users to easily access various IT resources of the company. The control should also make it easier to navigate the intranet itself and the connected websites via a HUB). To add a shortcut, use the Quick Access web part, accessible from the Add Web Parts menu. With the Quick Access web area, you can configure a link, an image, a title, and even another level of access for each link. b) Content management using a third-party intranet solution Managing content in SharePoint can also be easier.

Making Them More Native And Therefore

Once you’ve deployed your Powell intranet template, you can control the site’s end-to-end configuration through a simplified interface. This interface allows you to create a shortcut that can be personalized as well as add contacts in the dedicated space. A second contributor interface allows centralized and simplified creation of content in various database formats such as messages, alerts, messages for production workers and must-read documents… This interface gives access to multiple forms used for the creation of content are determined. It offers employees an interface that, thanks to instructions, is easier to use than native SharePoint.


Also Allows Visuals To Be Improved

In this way, employees can benefit from target group-oriented content (depending on position, preferences and location). Summary WS Numbers In order to create a SharePoint website and an intranet, one is confronted with complex issues. It requires good preparatory work at companies. Third-party intranet solutions like. Powell Intranet help to quickly create, personalize. And deploy a corporate intranet that employees and the. IT team will love. Below is a table that compares. Both options to help you decide whether you’d rather stick with native SharePoint or prefer an intranet solution like Powell Intranet.

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