If you want to retire early rely on

If you want to start earning passive income, you first need some starting capital. Usually, you can earn passive income by working to increase your active income + saving money.

Alternatively, you can also look for ways to earn  you to earn your funds.

Well, once you have saved enough money, you can increase your passive income through the following methods~


Active income from people around


A. Money-making-money type

1. Bank deposit interest

2. Interest on private loans


Real Estate


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3. Rent out your own Sri Lanka Phone Number List property and earn rent

4. Control other people’s properties and upgrade sublease income

5. Buy a house at a low price and then sell the mortgage to the bank

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It to earn passive income

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6. Let someone else manage your business or outsource

7. Open a branch company Cambodia Phone Number List and replicate passive income

8. Become a provincial capital agent for new products and services, and establish channels in prefecture-level cities

9. Build a brand and earn franchise fees and brand royalties

10. Integrate existing companies in a certain industry, unify the brand, and collect brand usage fees

11. Earn commissions using company qualifications (direct selling)


D. Rental

12. Rent out your unused car

13. Rent computers to hotel rooms

14. Rent pets, rent indoor flowers and plants, rent bags, rent books, rent cars, rent clothes, rent membership cards, rent jewelry, rent home appliances, rent furniture, rent digital cameras, rent computers, rent outdoor equipment, rent pianos and electronic keyboards.

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