Get Telegram Without Phone Number

Telegram is a popular messaging application known for its privacy features, security, and extensive range of functions. While it typically requires a phone number during the registration process, there are alternative methods available for those who wish to use without providing their personal contact information. In this article, we will explore how to obtain without a phone number.

Virtual Phone Number Services:

One of the most common methods to create a Telegram account without a phone number is by utilizing virtual phone number services. These services provide temporary phone numbers that can be used for verification purposes. Various websites and apps offer Indonesia telegram number data virtual phone number services, such as Text Now, Google Voice, and many more. Here’s how to use them:
Download and install a virtual phone number app or visit a trusted website.
Follow the instructions to obtain a temporary phone number.
Launch the app and choose the “Sign Up” option.
Enter the temporary phone number provided by the virtual phone number service.
Complete the registration process as guided by Telegram.

Temporary SMS Receiving Websites:

Telegram Number Data

Another approach to obtaining Telegram without a phone number is by using temporary SMS receiving websites. These websites generate temporary phone numbers that can receive SMS verification codes. Some popular options include Receive-SMS-Online.
Visit a temporary SMS receiving website. Select a temporary phone number from the available list. Copy the phone number and paste it into the registration form. Return to the temporary SMS receiving website and refresh the page. Look for the SMS verification code sent to the temporary phone number. Enter the code in the Telegram app to complete the registration process.

Using Telegram Desktop:

Download and install the Telegram Desktop application on your computer.
Launch the app and click on the “Sign Up” option.
Instead of entering a phone number, select the “Set Up Later” option.
Fill in the required fields, including WS Numbers your name and desired username.
Complete the registration process by following the on-screen instructions.


While Telegram typically requires a phone number for registration, there are alternative methods available for users who wish to maintain their privacy or don’t have access to a phone number. By utilizing virtual phone number services, temporary SMS receiving websites, or opting for Telegram Desktop, users can enjoy the benefits of Telegram without compromising their personal contact information. However, it is essential to remain cautious and use reputable services to ensure the security of your data

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