Emails must be fully responsive

As the rate of connection to the web via smartphone has surpassed that of the computer. It is strongly recommended that you systematically test your future mailings to ensure their compatibility with the mobile devices of your prospects and customers. It is an essential process to strengthen the effectiveness of your marketing actions. 7. Individualize the message for a stronger customer relationship marketing automation has the particular benefit of allowing the creation of a personal relationship with each of your customers and leads .  You must therefore individualize the messages sent to your contacts as much as possible. So that they have the feeling that you are writing to them personally.

You can place them at the very top of the email

That the content of the email is unique Bahrain Phone Number List and that it is only addressed to them. The more individualized and personalized the message. The more positive repercussions it will have. 8. Be generous with your best customers in order to keep your active customers and even to effectively reactivate your sleeping customers. There’s nothing like a gift! Even if the latter is modest. These gestures are always appreciated and help to nourish customer relations . After all. Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? So use this approach in your emails to strengthen the loyalty of your contacts. Keep your customers engaged and revive the interest of those who may have forgotten you. Special promotion. Voucher. Reduction or private sales.

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Or at least making them think that this is the case

The choice is yours!  Work on your calls-to-action so that the calls to German Phone Number List action that you integrate into your marketing automation emails have the expected effect. Make them shine!  And no longer at the bottom. So that your contact has it in clear view without needing to scroll. To increase your chances of conversion. You can also play with colors. By providing a clear contrast between the call-to-action and the content carried by the rest of the message. You will have understood. Even if you have no prior experience. Marketing automation is a crucial step to optimize your customer engagement and increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. 

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