Customer experienceis again improved

 In particular thanks to the proximity and modernity which result from this new type of customer service. 4) set up a chatbot another strong trend: chatbots. Thanks to their artificial intelligence. These online dialogue modules between the user of twitter. Facebook or a site are excellent cards to play in customer relations. Community-manager-chat-bot.Jpeg the link is easily created and maintained between the brand and the customer/prospect. Here again. The company’s availability is total: 24/24. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. These tools also make it possible to respond to a desire for autonomy on the part of customers and prospects. 5) switch to “instant articles” facebook launched instant articles some time ago.

The content they publish can therefore be viewed immediately

These are press or blog articles that are displayed Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List directly on the platform. With instant articles. There is no need for the user to wait for the content to open in safari or another browser. A significant time saving which presents a great opportunity for businesses.  Without effort. Without waiting. This also offers the great benefit of responding to a strong demand from users of the platform. 63% of whom go there for information. Community-manager-instant-articles.Jpg it will therefore be more than wise to adapt the content of your blog to this new format in order to broaden your audience. Increase the visibility of publications and capture new leads.

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Especially since instant articles are particularly suited to the mobile format

The use of which continues to grow. 6) always balance Italy Phone Number List curation and content creation the community manager must be on constant watch. The web is his source of information and continuous inspiration. Objective ? Fuel your ability to be a source of suggestions to your audience. As a representative of the company on the internet. He must ensure a digital presence 7 days a week. To do this. He must constantly balance the balance between curation (republication of his monitoring) and original creation of content . Sans_titre2.Png 7) put video at the center of your device we know that content in general is a key to differentiating yourself . 

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