A glance and not after performing

Quickly assess whether it is worth having a coffee to read or whether it would be wiser to throw the text in Pocket to read it later. 9. Choose to roll over to click Making websites easier to work with is also about how they are read. Clicking and using the scroller with the mouse (or our finger) is both an action. However, clicking (or confirming with a finger) is an action that requires more from us. Someone might ask the question – can tapping with a finger even be considere in connection with an action? Should I even pay attention to this? Yes absolutely.

Provide content in a form

Otherwise, Facebook would not have an infinite scroll feature on the main page, but only pagination, such as would force us to go to the next page after ten events. Instead of requiring users to make many decisions, it is better to make everything as Latest Mailing Database simple as possible for them. that is easy to scroll (or scan), and only at the end, for example, with a CTA section, prompt them to take action. All of this should of course be done in moderation, as violent implementation will not end well in many situations. 10. Use the so-calle fold Content is often referre to as “above the fold”, above the so-calle inflection point What is the point of this.

Latest Mailing Database

The user sees it with some action

The principle is that the most important (or rather the most eye-catching) content should be at the entrance. Immeiately, so that (such WS Numbers as scrolling). Again, I give you a clue in one of our texts, where I discuss this very topic. Space above the middle – there you will find a lot of valuable information, as well as ready-made examples.

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