5 facts you need to know about the real estate market

Given the current scenario of insecurity in the Brazilian economy. It is essential for real estate agents to know their market and think strategically to be able to close a sale or rental negotiation. In this sense, the broker must seek to delve deeper into some data and statistics relating. The country’s economic scenario and the way in which the real estate market fits into it. With consumers increasingly insecure about assuming new costs. It is essential that the broker remains well informed: the more knowledge. The more credibility is conveyed to the client and the greater the chances of success in a negotiation.

We have therefore separated 5 facts that every broker

Should know about the current situation of the real estate market. Check out: 1. Brazilian economic scenario The country’s economic situation Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data is an important basis for understanding the market. In 2015, Brazilian GDP is expected to close with a drop of 3%, and no major improvements are expected for 2016 . Changes to Caixa Econômica Federal’s property financing rules caused the number of properties financed in 2015 to fall. There were 102 thousand between May and August this year, while the same period last year had a rate of 183 thousand properties financed.

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A complete tool for you to sell more. After that, Prices for sale The average price per m² in Brazil increased by 0.44% compared to the same period in 2014, reaching R$4,865 in the second quarter. The Brazilian cities with the highest m² values ​​for Saudi Arabia Phone Number List sale are Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Niterói and Recife. The 10 most expensive m² neighborhoods in the country are located in Rio de. Janeiro and São Paulo, with R$23,256/m² being the highest value for Leblon, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. The cities whose property prices appreciated the most in 2015 were Porto. Alegre, Fortaleza and Campinas, and those with the greatest devaluation were Natal, Curitiba and Guarulhos.

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